The Urban Dictionary of yoke sweater


As the title suggests, this sweater is a yoke sweater because it was made by knitwear. It looks like a bra, but it’s not. If you are worried about your neck and shoulders, don’t. Just look at the sleeves, which are made from a sweater and a jacket.

Also, make sure to give this sweater a good wash. This sweater is a dark green, but it is in a blue color. It also goes through a yellow-green color, which makes it even more dark brown and slightly dark violet. The sweater is also white, so if you’re worried about your neck or shoulders, you’ll probably need a darker color.

That sweater is made from a knit fabric, so you dont have to worry about your neck or shoulders. It also has a hood that you can wear over it, so you dont have to worry. The hood is made from two different layers of knit fabric and looks like a bra, but its not. If youve got neck or shoulders, youll probably need a bra.

You can wear the hood over your shoulders, but it won’t have enough coverage to look like a bra. You can try a bra, but I wouldn’t recommend it because it won’t protect your skin from the sun. I think I’d wear it over a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

It is also possible to wear a sweater over your body without wearing a bra. For instance, if you have a neck sweater and you’re wearing a top, chances are that your top isn’t as flattering as a sweater, so you’re not going to get the same feeling when you wear the same top. I think you could go on to try again with a jacket or sweatshirt.

Some people find it nice to just wear something that is not a bra because they like the feel that a bra gives. I think it’s a little easier to wear something that is not a bra because if you want something that is a bra, you’re going to put it on for 5 seconds and then try to go back.

I think it’s important to remember that there are people that take offense to anything I say because I am a woman and because I don’t like what they think is “less feminine” (I have a thing with “feminine,” but that’s neither here nor there). I think it can be difficult to give a woman a compliment in this day and age when we have so many things now that are deemed feminine, and those things are supposed to be feminine.

I think that the word “boob” is a great example of this.

Yoke is a female slang term for a woman’s dress. To me this is especially appropriate because I know of other women that use it to describe theyre dresses, so I think it’s nice to have some reference to feminine names.

Yoke is also a name that has been used by some of the most famous actresses in Hollywood for years. No one would ever mistake her for a man, but the point is, they definitely have a point. I think this is because they have their own way of describing what a woman should look like, and it seems as though someone has recently been putting the word boob in that direction.

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