The History of is applesauce considered a liquid


It’s not. It’s technically called a “solidifying agent” or “set point” for the mixture of fruits and other ingredients. The amount of water that is added is only a small part of the process.

As much as I adore apples, I do believe that they are also a liquid. In fact, they would be considered liquid if they were made into a solidifying agent.

Well, the same with apples. They’re not really a liquid, but they are a solidifying agent. As such, they can be added to other objects so they can be dissolved (and thus eaten).

This is a good point. Theyre definitely not liquid, but theyre definitley something that can be used to make other things. For example, cooking apples in water or baking apples in flour.

Yes, theyre liquid. So you can buy applesauce, add water, etc.

Yes, but applesauce is not just “made out of apples.” It’s also often served in cooking competitions, such as the World Cuisine Championships in Japan. This is because the flour or water are mixed with the apples. And since these are liquids, they don’t stick together (like a solid), and thus have no solidifying properties. So, applesauce can be added to everything from food to drinks to make it more liquidy.

This is why we call it “liquid”.

This is a good point. If it’s liquid like water and apples, then it’s just the same thing. So we can’t say that applesauce is a liquid because it’s not a liquid in the physical sense.

Its a matter of degree. There is a wide range of liquids from clear to milky to opaque. The most common ones are water, soda, juice, milk, sugar, lemon juice, lemonade, vinegar, and tea.

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