Buzzwords, De-buzzed: 10 Other Ways to Say cherry diet coke


If you are an advanced exerciser, you may be wondering how I came up with this recipe. I am a very active person who never has a problem with a glass of wine. I usually have some in the fridge or on the go. But I don’t have a problem with alcohol, so I decided to mix it up. I use cherry coke because it is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, which are great for your health.

Cherry is a great sweetener (you can make Cherry juice), and cherry coke is rich in flavonoids. The combination of cherry coke and the nutrients in the cherry creates a delicious drink that is very healthy for you and everyone else around you. I also used a cherry flavoring that is pretty unique: cherry flavoring with a cherry flavor. It isn’t too sweet, but it tastes good and keeps your body really juiced up.

Cherry coke and Cherry flavoring is a great combination, because its a high-fructose corn syrup-free version of cherry coke. It is also one of the few flavoring combinations that is not sweetened with artificial sweeteners, like some other flavoring combinations, and its not a concentrated or diluted version of cherry coke, like some other flavoring combinations.

It really is a unique and fun flavor, and i wouldnt even know what cherry coke is. I would imagine it is probably one of the many flavors of cherry flavoring. It is just a unique and tasty tasting flavor.

It’s the most common flavoring in the world and can be found in many foods. Like most flavoring combinations, it is sweetened with sugar, but unlike other flavoring combinations, it isn’t sweetened with artificial sweeteners.

I have never heard of cherry coke, and it is not something I have ever heard of. I personally have never heard of anything like this, so I can’t really say anything about it. I’m probably going to wait a little bit longer to try it because I know I’ll enjoy it, but I’m not really sure about the flavor.

I have no idea. But Im not usually into sweet flavors and anything with sugar in it. But it is very possible that Cherry Coke is made out of sugar, and it could be something sweet and delicious.

Cherry Coke is a very common sweet drink at the office and is made by the same company as Coca-Cola. So, while it might not be a “new” thing, it might be something new for people to know about.

It sounds like a great idea! For people who want something sweet, these Cherry Coke flavors are actually pretty popular. For example, the Cherry Coke I have is one of the most popular flavors at the office. It is also very popular among the young and trendy crowd. While it isn’t sugar, it does contain several teaspoons of sugar, and as the name implies, it is very sweet.

However, its really not that good, mainly because it is made from sugar, and sugar contains a lot of calories. It is even worse because most of the calories come from caffeine. This is the same problem that caused me to be addicted to high school vending machines, and it is the same problem that causes people who aren’t actually addicted to sweet stuff to crave the stuff.

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