How to Solve Issues With 4 sizes of dry measuring cups


This post, a guest post by Chris King, shares a bit about dry measuring cups and how to determine the correct size.

I have a bit of a thing for measuring cups. I have a lot of them, a couple of sizes and a few different kinds of bowls. And if I’m not careful I can end up with a few inches of plastic in my measuring cup. It’s a very serious problem for me.

Dry measuring cups, as I’ve mentioned before, are an efficient way of measuring liquids. If you’re buying a coffee maker, cup, or even your favorite drink, measuring it with a cup is going to be the easiest and most time-efficient way to do it. So if you’re not familiar with measuring cups then you definitely need to brush up on your measuring skills.

In the past we’ve talked about cups that measure a single cup of coffee, or two cups of tea, or even an entire bottle of beer. But what if you wanted to measure a large amount of liquid? Well, you can do that with a simple dry measuring cup. You simply take the cup and pour the liquid in. If you want to really make sure you have as much liquid in the cup as possible then you can add a little bit of water.

What I find interesting is that most dry measuring cups use a plastic lid that you can unscrew to get at the liquid. But a cup that uses a metal cup lid is quite different in that it will not unscrew easily. However, that doesn’t mean the metal lid isn’t useful. The lid can get quite dirty and there are a few ways you can clean it.

As a rule, if you’re not sure about the amount of liquid you’re pouring into the cup then you can use a clean cloth. You can buy a small cloth that holds the liquid in its tube. Then you can pour water into the plastic lid. If you’re hoping that it’s a good idea to use a plastic lid, then you must make sure that the lid is completely dry before pouring it into the cup.

I’m not a fan of plastic lids. I like metal lids because they are generally much, much stronger. But for those who are, then you should really look at buying a good metal lid.

I’m not sure that this is the best way to do it but it should be a solid idea. When you put a small liquid into the cup, it’ll be in the center of the cup. When you pour it into the lid, the liquid will form a solid, with the top of the cup visible, so you can see the solid that you’ve poured into the lid. The solid is also very durable so you can’t use it as if it was a sponge.

You know I know we usually talk about cups over here but I have to say the cups are something I need to get used to. I’ve bought other sizes, and even a paper cup, but these cups are so darn much better in my opinion. They are sturdy, they are light, and they hold liquid (for me anyways) much better than the paper ones.

I had a hard time finding a good place for the cups that were in the video, so I had to create my own. They are available in four sizes, and if you have a standard 12 cup, you can use the small, medium, and large. The medium ones are the most useful and sturdy of the bunch, so that is what I went with. They also come in two colors, and I decided to go with the green.

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